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Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

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Select Replication Group

A Replication Group includes all Replication Connections that can be added to the Replication Maps within a Map Family.

Use the Replication Group setting to select which Replication Group will be used for this Map Family. Replicator is installed with a default Replication Group - Worldwide Connections. To select a user-defined Group, select the group from the Select Replication Group drop-down list.


NOTE: The Replication Group cannot be changed after the Map Family is created.

Replication Schedule

Use the Replication Schedule section to define replication frequency. Replication can occur immediately (upon creation of the Map Family), at a specified time interval, or can be set for manual initiation.

Replication Schedule 1


NOTE: With less frequent replication schedules, there is a greater risk of conflicts occurring. To reduce the number of conflicts detected by Replicator, set the interval to a shorter time.

Select one of the following options:

·Immediately: Use this parameter to initiate replication immediately after events are captured.

·At set time interval: Select this option to configure frequent replication. You can specify the replication interval in seconds, minutes, or hours. For example, every 30 seconds, every 10 minutes, or every 2 hours.

·Daily: Select this option to configure daily replication. For example, replicate daily at 2:30 AM.

·Weekly: Select this option to configure weekly replication. For example, replicate every Tuesday at 2:30 AM.

·Monthly: Select this option to configure monthly replication. For example, replicate on the sixth day of the month at 2:30 AM.

·Manual: Select this option if you want to manually specify when to replicate changes. Changes will be captured, but not replicated until an administrator selects Replicate Now from the Manage Map Families page.
This setting prevents Outbound Packages from actively being processed. If Manual is selected, Packages are collected in the queue, but are not replicated until Replicate Now is selected on the Manage Map Families page.

Configure Map Settings

The Configure Replication Map Settings page, which is accessed through the View Replication Map page, by selecting the Replication Map you wish to configure. It displays information about the Replication Map, such as the Replication Map name, the Map Family it belongs to, its scope, and its root Replication Map URL. This page also allows you to specify whether the Map is enabled, and its inheritable status. Depending on the scope, you can specify the Replication Events, Connections, and column matching enabling.


General Settings

The General Settings section displays the following information:




Map Name

The Map name is auto generated and based on the Map Family name and scope.

Map Family

The name of the Map Family.

Replication Map URL

The URL for the Replication Map.


Indicates whether the Map Family was defined for a Web Application, Site Collection, Web Site, or Folder.


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