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Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

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Priority Settings

Priority settings are only used for connections in an Adaptive group.



If this connection is in a replication group using adaptive mode, then this priority value is used to determine which connections are used to send and receive replication packages. In a highly connected network topology, where you would use the adaptive mode, the same inbound replication package can exist on more than one server. This priority is used to determine in what order an outbound package is sent to each connected server. Similarly, it is also used to determine which server to receive inbound packages from.

Specify priority for this connection as a positive integer. Connections with a lower value have a higher priority for replication. For example, with all other determining factors being equal, an outbound package will be sent along a priority 1 connection before a priority 2 connection.

You can also specify a priority of 0. This value disables communication along this connection.

Expected Speed

Enter the expected speed, in kilobits per second, of this connection. This value is used when determining which connection to use.

Actual Speed

This field shows the actual speed Replicator has experienced for this connection.


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