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Replicator 7.4 - Command Line Reference Guide

Introduction Installing Metalogix Replicator Configuring Metalogix Replicator
Enable Web Applications for Replication Connect Web Applications Map SharePoint Content for Replication
Add Replicator List Mappings Add Replicator Map Family Remove Replicator List Mappings Remove Replicator Map Family Disable Replicator Alert Replication Disable Replicator Map Disable Replicator Map Family Suspend Replicator Map Family Resume Replicator Map Family Enable Replicator Alert Replication Enable Replicator Map Enable Replicator Map Family Write Replicator Map Write Replicator Map Families Suspend Replicator Map Families Write Replicator Paused Map Families Resume Replicator Map Families Set Replicator Map Family Write Replicator Maps Set Replicator Map Inheritance Update Replicator Map Update Replicator Map Connection Update Replicator Map Family Update Replicator Map Lists
Get Replicator Objects Commands
Managing Metalogix Replicator
Replicate SharePoint Content Monitor Replication Networks Maintain Replication Networks
Register Offline Activation Add Replicator Supported Web Part Add Replicator Supported WSS Versions Set Replicator Alerts Remove Replicator Orphaned Config Remove Replicator Orphaned Disk Objects Clear Replicator Web Application Configuration Copy Replicator Alerts Remove Replicator Supported Web Part Export Replicator Settings Import Replicator Settings Export Replicator KPI Settings Import Replicator KPI Settings Export Replicator KPI Results Import Replicator KPI Results Clear Replicator Map Queue Move Replicator Alerts Clear Replicator Queue All Clear Replicator Queue Completed Clear Replicator Queue Completed or Error Reapply Replicator Error Queue Items Install-ReplicatorSolution Test Replicator Consistency Start Replicator Maintenance Update Replicator Account Write Replicator Features Update Replicator Settings File
Managing Administrative Farm Settings
Appendix – Repadm equivalents for PowerShell commands About


This guide will provide an overview and list of all the available PowerShell commands for the configuration and management of Metalogix Replicator.

Replicator System Management Lifecycle

The Metalogix Replicator System Management Lifecycle describes our recommendation for deploying Replicator and then performing ongoing administration. The framework consists of several brief phases, which are explained in the following diagram:


This document describes the Metalogix Replicator command-line interface using the phases of the framework.

Replicator Administration

Replicator can be administered the Replicator Management Shell, which runs PowerShell cmdlets. This tool is used to:

·Complete many common administrative tasks that are available in the Replicator user interface.

·Script repetitive tasks.

·Perform long running tasks that may time out when triggered from within a web browser.

·Complete commands that are not available in the SharePoint interface.

Replicator Management Shell

The Replicator Management Shell provides Powershell commands for managing Replicator. To start the management shell, Start >Metalogix > Replicator > Replicator Management Shell. (Note, if you are running anything earlier than Windows Server 2012, you access the Replicator Management Shell by doing the following: Start> All Programs> Metalogix> Replicator> Replicator Management Shell).

The following code example shows how to enable a web application from the Replicator Management Shell:

Set-ReplicatorWebAppConfig -URL http://corporateoffice -Enabled 1


Refer to Replication Administration for the cmdlet syntax of supported administration functions.


NOTE: Specific argument tags such as -URL are not required in the management shell, but you must specify all required arguments in the order specified in this document.


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