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Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

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Manage Map Families

The Manage Map Families page allows you to set shared common properties for Replication Maps that are included within the Map Family. A Map Family can be created for a Web Application, Site Collection, Web Site, List, or Folder. The top-most Replication Map in each Map Family is referred to as the root map.

Manage map family2

Selecting Add Map Family will direct you to the Configure Map Family page, allowing you to create and configure a Replication Map.

Selecting Manage Content Sync Jobs will direct you to the Manage Content Synchronization Jobs page, allowing you to manage your Content Synchronization Jobs.

Refer to the following for information about the Manage Map Families screen.



Add Map Family

Add a new map family. This open the Configure Map Family page.

Remove Selected Map Families

Allows you to remove the selected map families.

Replicate Now

Allows you to immediately replicate using the selected map family.

Reset Customized Maps

Resets the customized maps.

Manage Content Sync Jobs

Opens the Manage Content Synchronization Jobs page, where you can manage synchronization jobs.

Web Application

Select which Web Application is being configured.

To change the Web Application, click the field and select another Web Application from the list.

Map Family

Displays the Map Family name and links to the Configure Map Family page.


Displays the current status of the Map Family.

Customized Maps

Displays the number of customized maps within this Map Family.

Queue Map Jobs

Displays the number of Queued Map Jobs for this Map Family.


Indicates whether the Map Family was defined for a Web Application, Site Collection, Web Site, or Folder.

Root Replication Map URL

Displays the complete URL address for the Map Family.


Indicates what the Replication schedule is for the Map Family.

Replication Group

Indicates which Replication Group this Connection belongs to.

Replication Mode

Indicated the replication mode used for this map family.

Modified Date (UTC)

Indicates the date and time at which the map family was last modified.


Allows you to View Maps for this Map Family.


The following are the options available on the Manage Map Families page.

Web Application

This list indicates which Web Application is being affected by any alterations to the settings. If other Web Applications exist, they can be selected from the list.

Add Map Family

Use the Add a Map Family to open the Configure Map Family page and create a new or edit an existing Map Family.

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