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Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

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Manage Replication Rules

The Manage Replication Rules is accessed by doing the following.

1.On the Manage Map Families page, select View Maps for the map family where you would like to configure Replication rules. This will open the Manage Map Family page for that specific map family.
Configure Replication map settings 2

2.On the Manage Map Family page, select the (...) beside the map family for which you would like to configure rules, and select the Manage Replication Rules button. This will open the Manage Replication Rules page.
manage replication rules 1

The Manage Replication Rules page provide users with a list of all the rules associated with the map family. The following actions can be performed on this page:

·Add Rule
Selecting this link opens the Configure Rules page.

·Remove Selected Rules
Selecting this link deletes all checked Replication Rules.



NOTE: Replication Rules are designed to allow users to prevent SharePoint events from replicating. Replication Rules are not designed to allow users to force events to replicate.

Manage Replication rules 3

By selecting a rule's name, you open up its configuration page where the description of the rule is available.

Refer to the following table for information about Replication Rules.



Map Name

The Name of the map on which the rules are located

Replication Map URL

The URL of the map on which the rules are located

Rule Name

This is the name assigned to the Rule


The order in which the Rule has been arranged


This is a True or False value, and denotes whether the rule has been enabled.


The scope in which the rule functions, locally or globally

On the Manage Replication Rules page, click Add Rule to open the Configure Replication Rule page and add a Replication Rule.

Configure Replication Rule

The Configure Rules page allows you to specify conditions for List names replication.


General Settings

The following is found under the general settings section of the page.

Rule Name

Enter a name for the rule.


Enter a description for the rule.

Process Order for this Rule

The assigned number will determine the order in which the rule is processed in relation to other rules.

Apply This Rule to Events Originating

This specification determines the location of the events that this rule will be applied to.

Uses This Rule On

This area specifies the type of events which are replicated - Queued, Captured or both.


All Rule Conditions

The following is an overview of all the rule conditions that are available when configuring your rules.

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