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Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

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Content Synchronization Job Report

Content Synchronization Job Reports are only available for Differential Synchronization Jobs. They are accessed on the Manage Content Synchronization page, by clicking the Report link found next to the differential content sync job.

content sync job report 2



Job Name

The name of the Content Sync Job.

Map Name

The name of the map the replication connections are part of.

Select Replication Connection

This drop down allows you to select the replication connection within this map that you wish to compare.

Number of differences

The number of differences found between the source and target website.

Sync Status

The status of the sync.

List table

This table provides an overview of the list and folders web site that contain the differences. Clicking on View Report, will open a secondary table.

Content Table

This table becomes available when you click View Report next to an item in the List table (above). Here the items within the list/folder that are different are listed, along with their sync status before and after synchronization, as well as the action performed during the content synchronization job.


Specific configurations, which can be different for each Replication Map within a Map Family, are specified using one of the action links. You can access the action links by selecting the (...) button next to a Map Family name.

manage map family7


Configure Map Settings

The Configure Map Settings link opens the Configure Replication Map settings page. Certain configuration options, such as the specification of which events are replicated, are not available when configuring child maps, as they have been inherited from the parent map.

Manage Replication Rules

The Manage Replication Rules link opens the Manage Replication Rules page for a Replication Map. Rules for a Replication Map are inherited by all children of that map, unless otherwise specified.


NOTE: Rules can only be configured from the web application where the Map Family was created.

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