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Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

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Retry Count Before Pausing

This section allows you to specify the number of times Replicator will retry to send a package with an error before it pauses. This number must be less than the Maximum Retry Count. Once the specified pause time has passed, replicator will retry to send the package up until the Maximum Retry Count amount.


Duration of Pause

This section allows you to specify the duration of the pause (in minutes), after the Retry Count Before Pausing number has been met.


Replication Monitor Update Level

This setting controls the amount of network traffic Replicator generates for monitoring replication. In most cases, you can leave this setting with the default value of Normal.

If you are in a restrictive network environment, then you can change this value to Minimal. This option sends less status information over your network, which reduces the amount of bandwidth used by Replicator.


Package Processing Settings

The event processing settings control what Replicator does when a change is made on the source and target web applications. You can also encrypt replicator packages in this section.


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