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Replicator 7.4 - Enterprise API Guide

Introduction to Replicator Programming Interfaces

Replicator has introduced an initial API that provides status information on the operation of Replicator. This API can be used to query replicator as to the current heart beat of the services and basic information about each replication server that is defined for each web application.

The intended audience for this document is developers looking to create a monitoring dashboard to check on the status of replicator or to create an alerting mechanism.


NOTE: the API is only available with the Enterprise Edition. Additional API documentation is available from support for utilizing PowerShell and other web services.


Web Service Configuration


The Replicator StatusInfo Web Service runs under the same security context as Central Administrator. Therefore you must provide the same credentials that the Central Admin Application Pool is running under, when making the Web Service call from a remote Server. If you do not do so you will receive an unauthorized exception. This is demonstrated in the sample application that is described below.

Web Service Request URL

The URL used when making a Web Service call will depend on the name of the server and the port that is being used for the Central Administrator application. Here are the formats of the URLs that must be used:

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