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Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

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Support Information

This section provides you with your Farm ID and your License Key information, Replicator build number, the total replicator licenses you currently own, then umber of activated licenses in all your farms, and the number of activated licenses in this farm.


Site Settings

Use the Site Settings page to perform Replicator tasks for the current Site Collection or Web Site. Many of the tasks performed through the Central Administration page, can also be carried out through the Site Settings pages.

To access the Site Settings for Metalogix Replicator, select the Site Actions menu, and click Site Settings.


Manage Map Families

The Manage Map Families page, which is accessed through Site Actions > Site Settings, allows you to set shared common properties for Replication Maps that are included within the Map Family. A Map Family can be created for a Site Collection, Web Site, List, and/or Folder. The top-most Replication Map in each Map Family is referred to as the root map.

sitesettings map family1


NOTE: Creating a Map Family with a Web Application scope must be done through Central Administration.

The following information is displayed for each Map Family:

·Map Family - The name of the Map Family. If you can configure the Map Family, then the name will be a link to the Configure Map Family page.

·Scope - The scope of the Map Family.

·Root Replication Map URL - The root URL this map family replicates content from.

·Status - Indicates if the Map Family is enabled or disabled.

·Schedule - The replication schedule for this Map Family.

·Replication Group - The Replication Connection Group that the Replication Map belongs to.

·Replication mode - the replication mode that the Replication Map has been set to.

·Modified Date (UTC) - the date the map family was last modified in UTC time.

Configure Map Family

The Configure Map Family page, which is accessed through the Manage Map Families page, allows you to set the criteria for a new Replication Map or edit an existing Replication Map. The Configure Map Family page is available for Map Families with a scope of Site Collection or Web Site.


NOTE: Creating a Map Family for a Web Application must be completed through Central Administration.


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