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Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

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Test Connection

Click Test Connection to immediately validate the information entered for the Secondary URL used to transfer packages. The test results will appear in a pop-up window.


General Transport Settings

This section allows users to specify the number of times Replicator retries to apply packages. It is available when BITS or SFTP are selected as the transport method for the connection.


Maximum Retries Count

If replication fails to occur, this setting indicates how many retry attempts are made before an error is registered.


·Infinite specifies that Replicator will attempt to process the package until it is successfully sent.

·Specified Count Count instructs Replicator to attempt replication for the specified amount of hours. Enter the number of hours in the adjacent field. After the specified number of hours has passed, Replicator sets the status for that package to Error, and moves on to the next package.

If a Replication Package is not sent, it is considered an error and an entry will be placed in the Event Processing log.

Quest recommends that the Maximum Retry Count setting be left at the Infinite (default). Limiting the retry time could result in the content of Web Applications becoming un-synchronized as failed Packages drop when the specified count time limit is reached. Specifying an hour retry maximum should only be considered in an environment where cost of bandwidth is a consideration.

Note: Maximum Retry Count is only available when Transport is set to BITS.

Enable Pausing of Connections During Retry Process

This section allows you to specify whether processing should be periodically paused during the retry process. Selecting Yes will turn this feature on, selecting No will keep this feature off.


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