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Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

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Cleaning the Event Processing Log

Transaction logging uses an automatic process to clear items from the log, to prevent it from becoming too large. By default, events are cleared from the log after 5 days. You can change this setting on the Configure Web Application page.

Data Disk Space

Data Disk Space provides an overview of the usage of your Package Data Path folder, and DC Cache folder.


The columns for Data Disk Space overview are detailed below:



Web Application

The web application that disk statistics are provided for.  


The folder on the web application for which the disk statistics are provided.


The amount of space in this folder currently being used compared to the total available.

Server System Statistics

Server System Statistics provides an overview of the usage of available memory on your server, and the usage of available disk space on your server.


The columns for Server System Statistics overview are detailed below:




The name of the server for which server statistics are being shown.


The amount of memory on this server that is being used compared to the total available.

Disk Space

The amount of disk space being used compared to the total available.  


The Conflicts tab of the Monitor Replicator page allows you to monitor and manage replication events that Replicator has identified as conflicts for connections that have been set to Generate Conflict. You can manage conflicts by accepting or rejecting each conflict that has occurred.


The columns on Conflicts tab are detailed below:




The site on which the conflict occurred.  

Item Details

The name and library location of the conflict item.


Description of the conflict.

Conflict Date

The date on which the conflict occurred.


This is the local status of the package.


This is the date on which the status occurred.


NOTE: Replication processing stops for the Web Application until the conflict is cleared. This page should be monitored regularly if any Replication Connection is configured to Generate Conflict.

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