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Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

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Global Package Status

Global Package Status provides an overview of the status of global replication package processing for the selected farm. Select Global Package Status to expand the section for an overview of the various components that are checked to identify the status of global replication processing.


The health checks within the Global Package Status section check for the following:

Health Check


Global Error Status

Checks if there are and global package statuses with errors on a web application.

Global Warning Status

Check if there are global package statuses with warnings on a web application.

For further details click on the global status checks listed above.


The Topology tab of the Monitor Replicator page displays a visual of your Replicator network topology. You can filter the topology by web application, replication groups, and/or map family.
topology 4

When you click on a Web Application, information about the status of that web application's replication settings will be shown.

If you select a connection line, details about that connection will be shown.

The various symbols and line shades within the topology diagram mean the following:

·Solid Grey Line – Replicator connection has a map family which is disabled.

·Dashed Grey Line - Replicator connection is not used by any map family.

·Remote Web Application - The web application is not on the local farm.

·Red Pause button - Replication is disabled

·Green Triangle - Replication is enabled


The Working tab of the Monitor Replicator page displays the active servers and packages that are currently being worked on by Replicator.


Replication Engines

The Replication Engines section displays all the current servers on the web application.


The following table details the information available for each active server:




The engine name.


Whether the engine is currently running.

Status Date

The time at which the current status for the engine was checked.


The current services running on the engine.

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