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Replicator 7.4 - Evaluation Guide


This document provides new Replicator users with the opportunity to evaluate Replicator within their own SharePoint environment. It will lead users through a variety of common replication scenarios from simple replication, the manual restriction of replication through rules, and the setup of multi-farm environments.



In order to perform the evaluation scenarios for Replicator, outlined in this document, you must first install and configure replication between two web applications See the Metalogix Replicator Quick Start Guide for instructions about the installation and configuration of Replicator.  It is available in the distribution zip file provided with the download of Replicator or on the Quest website:

The scenarios in this document require you to prepare your environment as follows:

·Set up replication between two farms or web applications.

·Both of your farms, or web applications, must have common lists and libraries at their respective root sites.


Changing Content

This scenario demonstrates that a change to the content on one web application is replicated to the other web application. This assumes that you have libraries with the same name on both web applications so that Replicator will be able to find the same library on the target that is used on the source. If a matching library does not exist on the target, you can perform the Command-line Queuing scenario to synchronize your library before performing this scenario.

1.In a browser, open the source web application.

2.Upload a Word document to a library on your source web application.


1.In a browser, open the target web application. Check the corresponding library on your target web application as the one that you altered on the source and confirm that the document you uploaded to the source has been replicated over to the target. Replication may take a moment to complete, if this is the case, refresh the page until you see the replicated item on the target.


In this scenario you:

§Added content to one web application in the form of a new document, uploaded it into a library, and had it replicate over to the other web application.


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