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Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

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Remove Selected Map Family

This parameter deletes the selected Map Families form the specified Web Application.

Replicate Now

Use Replicate Now to force the immediate replication of any Packages in the replication queue for all Replication Maps within the selected Map Family. This feature must be used when replication was set to Manual on the Configure Map Family page.


NOTE: Replicate Now is only available when Transport is set to BITS.

Reset Customized Maps

Use Reset Customized Maps to reset all Replication Maps, within the selected Map Family, to their default settings.

Map Families that contain customized Replication Maps are indicated with the METALO~3_img72 symbol.

Configure Map Family

The Configure Map Family page allows you add a new Map Family or change the settings for an existing Map Family. The settings for the Map Family are common to all Replication Maps within the Map Family.

When configuring an existing Map Family, you can change whether the Map Family is enabled or disabled, the Replication Group used for this Map Family and the Replication schedule.


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