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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

Reference Guide
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Manage Map Family

The Manage Map Family page is accessed by clicking on the View Maps link on the Manage Map Families page.

This page allows you to view the hierarchy of a Map Family including any customized Replication Maps.
Manage Map Family4

Refer to the following table for information about the Manage Map Families screen.



Manage Content Sync Jobs

When selected, Manage Content Sync Jobs will navigate to the Manage Content Sync Jobs page, allowing users to view current scheduled queue jobs. See the Manage Content Synchronization Jobs page for an overview of the page.

Web Application

Select which Web Application is being configured.

To change the Web Application, click the field and select another Web Application from the list.

Map Family Name

Displays the Map Family name.

Root Replication Map URL

Displays the Root Replication Map URL.

Frequent Maps

Displays a maximum of the 15 most frequently used maps.

Customized Maps

Displays the maps that have been customized.

Find Maps

Allows you to manually search for a map by its URL.

This page also provides links to the Configure Map Settings, Manage Replication Rules, and Synchronize Content pages. These are accessed by clicking the (...) next to the name of the map family for which you would like to make changes/configure settings.

manage map family5

Find a Single Replication Map

You can find a single Replication Map by doing one of the following.

·Search for a specific map by URL - do so by typing it into the Find Maps' Map URL section.
Manage Map Family View Maps2

·Expand the available maps listed under the Frequent Maps or Customized Maps option, by selecting the + symbol, displaying all the maps for a Map Family.
manage map family6

By selecting the (...) next to the name of a specific map from the available lists, you can also perform various actions for the map - these include Configuring the map, Managing Replication Rules, and Synchronizing Content for the map.
manage map family7

Show Customized Replication Maps

Select the Customized Maps button in order to display all Replication Maps that have been customized from the default settings inherited from the Parent Map.

customized maps1

Reset Customized Maps

This parameter allows customized Replication Maps to be set back to their default settings. Select the check box for the customized Replication Maps you wish to restore, and click Reset Customized Maps.

reset customized map1

The reset customized Maps function only restores attributes specified on the Configure Map Family page.

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