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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

Reference Guide
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Use these fields to initiate replication once per week based on the specified day and time. The time interval is specified for both hours and minutes and is based on a 24-hour clock.

For example:


Replication will occur on Sunday at 12:00 midnight every week.


NOTE: The time interval for hours is based on a 24-hour clock with a "per hour" increment. The time interval for minutes is based on five minute increments.


Use these fields to initiate replication once per month based on the specified date and time.

For example:


Replication will occur on the 10th day, at 10:10 PM every month.


Select this option if you want to manually specify when to replicate changes. Changes will be captured, but not replicated until an administrator selects Replicate Now from the Manage Map Families page.

This setting prevents Outbound Packages from actively being processed. If Manual is selected, Packages are collected in the queue, but are not replicated until Replicate Now is selected on the Manage Map Families page.

Package File Format

Set the file format of this Map Family to be either XML or XML Minimal.
configure map family

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