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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

Reference Guide
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Advanced Settings

Pause or unpause the scheduling of outbound and inbound work for this Map Family.
configure map family2

Configure Replication Map Settings

In order to Configure Replication Map Settings do the following.

1.On the Manage Map Families page, click View Maps next to the map you wish to configure. This will open the Manage Map Family page for the selected map.
Configure Replication map settings 2

2.On the Manage Map Family page for your selected map, select the (...) button next to your web application map, and click Configure Map Settings. This will open the Configure Replication Map Settings page.
Configure Replication map settings 3

3.The Configure Replication Map Settings page displays information about the Replication Map, such as the Replication Map name, the Map Family it belongs to, its scope, and its root Replication Map URL. This page also allows you to specify whether the Map is enabled, and its inheritable status. Depending on the scope, you can specify the Replication Events, Connections, and column matching enabling.


General Settings

The General Settings section displays the following information:



Map Name

The Map name is auto generated and based on the Map Family name and scope.

Map Family

The name of the Map Family.

Root Replication Map URL

The URL for the root Replication Map.


Indicates whether the Map Family was defined for a Web Application, Site Collection, Web Site, or Folder.

Enable this Replication Map

When this parameter is set to Yes, replication is enabled for this Replication Map only. The default is set to the same setting specified on the Configure Map Family page.

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