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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

Reference Guide
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Pause Package Processing

To pause replication for this web application, select Yes under Pause inbound and outbound package processing for this Web Application. To resume replication, select No.

When paused:

·Replicator continues to capture and package events from this web application for replication, but will not transfer the packages to other web applications. These packages will appear on the outbound Monitor Replication page with a NewPackage state and Active status.

·Replicator continues to accept and transfer inbound packages from other web applications, but does not apply these changes on the paused web application. These packages appear on the outbound Monitor Replication page with a TransferComplete state and Waiting status. These packages appear on the inbound Monitor Replication page with a TransferComplete state and Active status.

When replication resumes, outbound packages are transferred and inbound packages are applied to the web application.

Replicator Data Folders

The Replicator Data Folders section allows users to specify local folders that Replicator will use to store Package information. Please note that changing the location of the Replicator data folders affects replication for any inbound and outbound packages that have not completed processing. If you have active packages in the data folder and change the folder location, then you must also copy any existing packages from the old folder to the new one.


Note: If UAC is enabled on the Central Administration server or any of the web front-end servers for this farm, then you may need to manually perform additional tasks to configure the front-end servers when you modify the Replicator Data Folders. For more information, see Configuring Metalogix Replicator in UAC-enabled Environments for further instructions.

Package Data Path

Replicator uses the package data path to store both outbound and inbound packages intended for replication.

The default path was specified when Replicator was originally installed and configured. If you want to specify a different path, then change this value.

DC Cache Path

The cache path is the location that Replicator uses to store cache information for Differencing Compression (DC).

The default is set during installation and configuration of Replicator. If another location is required, enter it here.

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