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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

Reference Guide
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Configure Map Family

The Configure Map Family page, which is accessed through the Manage Map Families page, allows you to set the criteria for a new Replication Map or edit an existing Replication Map. The Configure Map Family page is available for Map Families with a scope of Site Collection or Web Site.


NOTE: Creating a Map Family for a Web Application must be completed through Central Administration.


Map Family Name

Enter a user-friendly name to identify the Map Family.

Map Family Scope

The Map Family can be defined at the Site Collection, or Web Site level.


NOTE: The Map Family Scope cannot be changed after the Map Family is created.

Map Family URL

The Map Family URL defaults to the Web Application URL. If the Map Family is being configured for either a Site Collection or a Web Site, the corresponding URL must be entered in this field.


NOTE: The Map Family URL cannot be changed after the Map Family is created.

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