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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

Reference Guide
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Package History

The package history section provides a detailed history for the package.

The following table describes the various package history details for a package.




The type of event that occurred in the packaging process.


The connection that was used for the packaging event.


The status of the packaging event.

Event Time

The time at which the packaging event took place.


The parts of the package which are available globally.

Event Count

The number of times Replicator tried to apply the event.

Advanced Details

This section includes the advanced details of the package.


The following table describes various advanced details for a package.



Package Id

This is the package identification number.

Queue Set Name

This is the set name applied to the package when it was in the queue. For example, if we capture an event, then Queue Set Name shows "Captured".

Replication Mode

This is the replication mode in which the package was transferred.

Package Size

This is the size of the package.

Total Transferred Bytes

This is the total number of inbound bytes that were transferred in this package.


About Metalogix Replicator

Use the About Replicator screen to update the Replicator license key and to see supported SharePoint updates.

About Replicator 1


This section shows the name of the product.

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