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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

Reference Guide
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The Conflicts tab of the Monitor Replicator page allows you to monitor and manage replication events that Replicator has identified as conflicts for connections that have been set to Generate Conflict. You can manage conflicts by accepting or rejecting each conflict that has occurred.


The columns on Conflicts tab are detailed below:




The site on which the conflict occurred.  

Item Details

The name and library location of the conflict item.


Description of the conflict.

Conflict Date

The date on which the conflict occurred.


This is the local status of the package.


This is the date on which the status occurred.


NOTE: Replication processing stops for the Web Application until the conflict is cleared. This page should be monitored regularly if any Replication Connection is configured to Generate Conflict.

Package Details

The Package Details page details all the information available about a replicated package. The page is accessed by selecting a package hyperlink on one of the following pages:

·On the Working tab of the Monitor Replicator page, under the Package heading within the Active Package Threads section. Only accessible from this point when there are active threads currently working on package.

·On the Transfers tab of the Monitor Replicator page, by selecting the package symbol under the package heading for a specific transfer. Only accessible from this point when there are active transfers currently in progress.  

·On the Packages tab of the Monitor Replicator page, by selecting the map name for a specific package. Only accessible when the package you wish to monitor has not been cleared from the page.


Package Information

The package information detailed at the beginning of the package details page.


This information details the following:



Map Name

The name, path, and scope of the map for events in this package.


The package's direction, either Outbound if it is being sent from this web application or Inbound if it is being received by this web application.

Replication Group

The replication group the package was sent to.


The time when the package was created.


The Classification for the package.

Local Details

The Local Details section provides an overview of the packages statuses on the local server, the server from which you are looking at the package.


The following table details the local details available for a package.



Local Status

The status of the package on this web application.

Local State

The state of the package on this web application. States include: New, Extracted, Accepted, Built, Received, Applying, Applied, and Missing.

Last Update

The time when the local status last changed.

Available Parts

The parts of the package that is available on this web application for replication to other web applications.

Status Message

Message describing the status of the package.

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