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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

Reference Guide
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Skipping Replication for Multiple Lists (Example 2)

Skipping Replication For Multiple Lists (Example 2)

The following example will demonstrate how to set up a rule which allows you to skip replication for multiple lists.

Set up multiple rules, one for each list

This would require you to create the following rule for each of the lists you wish to skip replication for:

1.Enter details for the rule you're creating.


2.Select List Name as the condition.  


3.Select Skip Event as the action.


4.Set the List Name to equal your list of choice. For example, "Calendar".


5.Leave the action name as Skip Event.


6.Complete setup of the rule by selecting Finish.

7.Add more rules, following these same steps, for each additional list you want to skip.

Synchronize Content

The Synchronize Content link opens the Configure Content Synchronization Job page for a Replication Map.


NOTE: For information on how to Synchronize Managed Metadata see the Replicating Managed Metadata Scenario Guide.

Configure Content Synchronization Job

The Configure Content Synchronization Job page is accessed by clicking Synchronize Content on the Manage Map Family page. This page is used to push the synchronize of specific events for immediate replication.

Configure Content Synchronization8

Replication Map Info

Content will be queued for the Map that was selected. All the information about the selected map is provided in the Replication Map Info section.

Configure Content Synchronization3


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