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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

Reference Guide
Metalogix Replicator Documentation Replicator Central Administration Configure Web Application Manage Replication Groups Manage Replication Connections Manage Classifications Manage Map Families
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Actual Speed

This field shows the actual speed Replicator has experienced for this connection.


Manage Classifications

The Manage Classifications page, accesses from the Application Management page in Central Administration. This page is used to manage classifications, which can be applied to map families on the Configure Map Family page, when adding a map family or while editing the settings of current map families.


Refer to the following table for information on the Manage Replication Connections screen.



Web Application

Select which Web Application is being configured.

To change the Web Application, click the field and select another Web Application from the list.

Unique Identifier

This is the number used to match classifications on other web applications.


This is the name of the classification

Queue Number

This number determines the order in which packages are queued for replication. If two or more classifications have the same Queue Number, then they will have packages sequenced together.

Use Secondary URL

This is a True or False value. When true, packages will be transferred from the connection's secondary URL.


This is a True or False value, and indicates whether the classification is the default classification for new map families.

Click Add Classification to configure a new Classification, or select a classification from the Classification list to edit its values. In both cases, the Configure Classification page opens.

Select one or more classifications from the list and click Delete Classification to delete a classification.

Select a classification and click Set as Default for new Map Families in order to set that classification as the default when creating a new map family.

Configure Classifications

The Configure Classification page is accessed by selecting a classification on the Manage Classification page.  


Web Application

This is the web application that was selected on the Manage Classifications page.

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