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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Reference Guide

Reference Guide
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Test Connection

Click Test Connection to immediately validate the information entered against the Target Web Application. The test results will appear in a pop-up window.

Replication Groups

Replication Groups are used to group Connections with specified parameters. The Replication Group parameters are defined on the Configure Replication Group page. Replicator is installed with the default "Worldwide Connection".


To add a connection to a Replication Group, select the group from the Available Replication Group list and click >>.To remove a connection from a Replication Group, select the group from the Selected Replication Groups list and click <<.

The headings Available Replication Connections and Selected Replication Connections, once clicked, will sort the connection names in the list alphabetically.

Conflict Settings

The Conflict Settings section allows you to specify what action should be taken for Inbound Packages when a conflict occurs on the Target Web Application. For example, the modified date content on an Inbound Event is older than the date on the Target Web Application.


When conflicts occur, these settings govern how Replicator responds.



Skip Event

Always keep current content by not applying the Inbound Package.

Apply Event

Always apply the incoming event and overwrite current content.

Generate Conflict

Always generate a report and pause replication until the conflict is resolved.

The conflict can be monitored and addressed under Monitor conflicts page, accessed from the Central Administration page.


NOTE: Conflicts occur on Inbound Events only. Conflicts are not identified by the Outbound Processing process.

E-mail Notification

When conflicts occur, Replicator sends e-mail notifications to the Site Administrator, Item Updater, Item Owner or an alternative specified e-mail address.

Note: The outgoing e-mail settings must be configured in SharePoint in order to use this feature.

Email Option


E-mail Web Site Administrator

An e-mail is sent to the site administrator when a conflict occurs.

E-mail Item Updater

An e-mail is sent to the person who updated the item when a conflict occurs.

E-mail Item Owner

An e-mail is sent to the named item owner when a conflict occurs.

E-mail Specific Address

An e-mail is sent to a specific, named e-mail address, (such as the Help Desk or IT Department) when a conflict occurs.

Enter email addresses in the adjacent field, separated by semicolons if there is more than one.

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