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On Demand Migration Current - User Guide

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Before starting the OneDrive migration consider the following:

  • Migrating non-expired permissions from Sharing Links is not supported. Currently migrated permissions are always active whether or not the link has expired.
  • Migrating Authors/Editors will only map to the Primary SMTP Address. Multiple SMTP addresses are not currently supported.
  • Migrating a OneDrive user Recycle Bin is not supported.
  • Migrating Sharing Link permissions for external users requires the external user be an Azure Active Directory guest.
  • Unable to migrate a document to a target organization where the document URL will be longer than 400 characters


  • It is highly recommended to match / migrate all accounts in the migration project to ensure that membership, content ownership, and permissions are processed correctly.
  • The target tenant should already have the fully configured OneDrive with the valid license plan. Note, that licenses can be automatically assigned to the target users during the migration.
  • Admin consents should already be granted for source and target tenants .The following admin consents should be granted for OneDrive migration feature:
    • Migration - Basic,
    • Migration - SharePoint

• Azure AD administrator accounts credentials must also be provided for both tenants in the Configure Connections dialog.

In case necessary admin consents are not granted or expired, account discovery will be disabled and you will be unable to continue. To grant admin consents, open the Tenants page and grant necessary permissions to allow the product to access the source tenant and the target tenant. You will be redirected to the Microsoft web site for granting admin consent. Once admin consent is granted, you can start discovery.


The On Demand Migration Dashboard tab provides summary information about migration tasks and events.

The OneDrive users tile indicates the number of OneDrive users and the status of their migration.


To create a collection of users

  1. Begin from the On Demand Migration Accounts tab.
  2. From the table on this screen, check the accounts to add to the collection.
  3. Click the New Collection button.
  4. Give the collection a unique name and press Save.

To migrate OneDrive accounts for users in a collection

  1. Begin from the On Demand Migration Tasks tab.
  2. Select the collection from the drop down menu in the top right corner labeled Select Collection.
  3. Select the accounts to migrate from the collection. To check all accounts, select the checkbox in the list header.
  4. Click Migrate OneDrive and see Migrating OneDrive for more information.
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