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On Demand Migration Current - User Guide

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Provisioning the Address Rewrite Service

IMPORTANT: After Address Rewrite Service provisioning starts, you cannot change the setting of the sender's address to be rewritten.

  1. Open the project dashboard.
  2. Click Provision for Address Rewrite Service from the Domain Coexistence widget.
  3. Wait until the service is provisioned and Exchange Server Integration is successfully configured.

The provisioning might take some time. In the meanwhile, you can select the mailboxes for the address rewriting.

Selecting Mailboxes for Address Rewriting

  1. Go to the migration project Dashboard in case you use new migration UI. In case you are using classic experience or you are already on the account migration Dashboard, go to step 3.
  2. Click Accounts widget.
  1. Open Mailboxes tab or click Select in the Domain Coexistence widget.

TIP: To optimize the matching, migration and address rewriting, organize accounts into a collection.

  1. Click Off in Address Rewrite facet to show the mailboxes that are ready for address rewriting.

IMPORTANT: Address Rewrite Service only works with accounts that have pairs in the target tenant. You can click Not Supported in Address Rewrite facet to see the mailboxes that are not ready for address rewriting.

  1. Select the mailboxes and click Address Rewrite.
  2. In Address Rewrite Management task, select Turn on address rewriting for selected mailboxes.
  3. Click Next to view the task summary. Check selected options, name the task, and click Finish to start the task.
  4. The task is created. You can track its progress in the Tasks or monitor alerts and notifications in the Events.

You can add the mailboxes to address rewriting at any time. Note, that if the Address Rewriting Service is already enabled, it might take a while before the rewriting will be enabled for the newly added mailbox. Check that Address Rewrite status is On for the mailbox.

Configuring SPF Record

During the provisioning phase, we configure the target Exchange Server to correctly handle messages, processed by Address Rewrite Service. If you want to be absolutely sure that the messages are not blocked by custom filters and antiviruses, add the service's IP address to SPF record in target DNS.

  • On Domain Coexistence widget, click Running to locate the event containing IP address of the Address Rewrite Service server.
  • Add the IP address to the SPF record in the target DNS. See provider's documentation for instructions.

Enabling Address Rewriting

  1. Make sure you have added the mailboxes to address rewriting. Click On in Address Rewrite facet to show the joined mailboxes.
  2. Go to the account migration dashboard and click Enable Coexistence in Domain Coexistence widget.
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