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Archive Manager 5.9.1 - Administration Guide

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System requirements for running ESM in a hosted Exchange environment

ESM requires one of the following to run in a hosted Exchange environment:

Configuring ownership and access to user mailboxes on hosted Exchange

Each mailbox discovered on the hosted server is considered private. This means that only the owner of the mailbox can execute the following actions:

Users cannot access a private mailbox unless the owner grants access to the mailbox. Public mailboxes, as defined in this document, are mailboxes that are not private, and can be searched by all users who have appropriate credentials.

The administration of private mailboxes is also limited. Administrators cannot assign logins or groups to private mailboxes, nor can they perform searches against them. However, administrators can still assign message policies and enable store management for private mailboxes.

For how to configure ownership and access to a mailbox on hosted Exchange, see the section Working with hosted Exchange mailboxes in Archive Manager User Guide.

If a situation arises where an administrator needs to remove current ownership of a mailbox so that a different user can claim ownership, the administrator can do so through the Mailbox page in the Archive Manager Administration Website. Editing a private mailbox that is currently owned displays a Remove Owner button. Clicking this button removes current ownership of the mailbox so that another user can designate ownership.

URL parameter

You can append an email address to the URL of the Manage Archive Access page to manage the user’s hosted account. For example, if you want to manage John Smith’s hosted account, enter the following URL:


The URL listed above populates the Remote Email Address text box with the following:

This makes it easy to provide a link for users to enable or disable access mailboxes on hosted Exchange. They just need to provide their local and remote passwords.

Agreement text

The agreement text displayed in the Configure Remote Access page is configurable by editing the RemoteAccessAgreement.html document. This document can be found in the Archive Manager Website directory on the Archive Manager web server at:


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