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Archive Manager 5.9.1 - Administration Guide

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Delete a message tag

Click Delete to the left of the tag name. The Delete Tag confirmation message is displayed.
Click OK to confirm the deletion. The selected tag is deleted, and the Message Tag Administration form is displayed.
NOTE: Alternatively, a tag can be deleted by opening the Edit Message Tags form, clicking Delete, and confirming the deletion.

Proxy credentials

About proxy credentials

Proxy credentials are used by Archive Manager to access your Office 365 or hosted Exchange mailboxes. The Proxy Credentials page in the Archive Manager Website allows you to view and manage your proxy credentials.

This page is only visible when you have the Edit Proxy Credentials permission, and one of the following conditions is met:

You have set the parameter EnableRemoteMailBoxDelegation to True in Configuration Console.

Add, edit or delete proxy credentials

The following section discusses managing proxy credentials.

On the Proxy Credentials page, click Click here to Add Credentials.
NOTE: The login domains in the drop down list are in the format <domain_name>(<LDAP_type>), for example, a domain in Office 365 will be <domain_name>(Azure AD).
Click Add.
NOTE: For hosted Exchange mailboxes, users must re-enable access to their remote mailboxes on the Configure Archive Access page to delegate access to newly-added proxy credentials.
On the Proxy Credentials page, click the Edit icon to the left of the login name for the selected credentials in the list.
In the Mail Servers tab, manage the mail servers that the proxy credentials are assigned to.
To grant permissions to a new mail server, search it by the mail server name, select the check box and click Add Selection. To remove permissions from a mail server, click the delete icon .
NOTE: You may see the status showing as Granting or Removing for a while because the operation is performed by the Active Directory Connector service which runs periodically. The status will change to Granted, or the mail servers will be removed after the service runs again.
To grant or remove permissions immediately, open Command Prompt and switch to the Archive Manager root folder, and execute the following command:
ActiveDirectoryConnectorService.exe -console -mspermission
ActiveDirectoryConnectorService.exe -console -mspermission -remove
The commands are as follows for an hosted environment:
ActiveDirectoryConnectorService.exe -console -mspermission -hosted
ActiveDirectoryConnectorService.exe -console -mspermission -hosted -removed
On the Proxy Credentials page, click the delete icon to the left of the login name for the selected credentials in the list.
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