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Archive Manager 5.9.1 - Administration Guide

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Storage Statistics report

The Archive Manager Storage Statistics report provides storage-related information on the Archive Manager system, including the following statistics:

Total Storage Size

The total size of the Archive Manager database and attachment and message stores.

Database Size

The size of the Archive Manager database.

Database Log Size

The size of the Archive Manager database log.

Attachment Index Size

The size of the Full Text Index information for attachments.

Message Index Size

The size of the Full Text Index information for messages.

Single Instance Size

The total size of the attachments for which there is only a single instance.

Storage Reduction

The overall percentage reduction in storage size as a result of the single-instance storage.

Number of Attachments

The total number of attachments in the Archive Manager system.

Single Instance Attachments

The number of attachments that are unique (i.e. only a single instance of those attachments has been stored).

Duplicate Attachments

The number of attachments in the system that are duplicates.

Total Messages

The total number of messages in the Archive Manager system.

Attachment Size

The size of the overall attachment store, without taking into consideration the single-instance storage of attachments.

Viewed Messages report

The details of the messages that are viewed in Archive Manager are logged, so that in addition to determining who has searched for a message, it is possible to track who has opened any of the messages that were found. This ensures the Archive Manager system is being used appropriately and that the privacy of the organization and its staff is maintained.

Click Browse [...] to the right of the User field to display the Login Search dialog box.
Enter a value in the Login Name and/or Display Name field (If values are entered in both fields, only contacts that match both criteria will be displayed).
Click Search.
Locate the person in the search results and click the name to add it to the Login Name field and close the Login Search dialog box.
All (Default) - All viewed messages regardless of date received.This option must be used in conjunction with other criteria, such as search text or recipient information. Attempting to search using only the All option will generate an error.
Today - Messages viewed on the current date
Yesterday - Messages viewed on the previous day
This Week - Messages viewed within seven days of the current date
Last Week - Messages viewed within fourteen days of the current date
This Month - Messages viewed on any day of the current month
Last Month - Messages viewed on any day of the previous month
Between (and related fields) - Messages viewed within a specified period. Use the Date From and Date To fields to specify the date range to search. Enter each date by selecting it from the pop-up calendar that appears when you click on the drop-down arrow next to the date entry field.
Click Search.

Delegation Log report

The Delegation Log report shows all attempts by users to change delegation settings. This includes both successful and failed attempts and any associated error messages.

Delegation Status report

The Delegation Status report shows the current status of all user delegations. This report allows you to sort and filter by status so it is easy to find users who have not delegated access to their hosted mailbox. For users who have delegated access, a View Agreement link to the agreement and configuration information entered by the user is provided in the report. This includes a green checkmark if the report is valid, or a red x if the report may have been tampered with.



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