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Archive Manager 5.9.1 - Administration Guide

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About message tags

Additional properties can be assigned to messages in Archive Manager. For example, you can tag messages with information relating to an investigation or a particular customer. This makes it easy to group messages together to identify them for particular purposes.

Users can then search for messages with these user-defined properties, in addition to any other search criteria.

A message tag is characterized by the values of these four fields:

Tag Name: The name for the tag that is being created.
Tag Type: Five different types are available:
Boolean: True or False.
DateTime: Date, Time.
Flag: User-defined (Personal, Important, Follow-up, etc.).
Number: Numerical.
String (default): Any text, including letters, numbers.
Default Tag Value: The default value of the tag. The values available depend on the tag type selected.
System Property (checkbox): Whether this is an Archive Manager-managed tag or a user-managed tag.

Add, edit or delete a message tag

The following sections discuss managing message tags.

Add a message tag

Click the Add a Tag link.
Click Add. The tag will be created and the Message Tag Administration screen will be displayed.

Edit a message tag

Click Edit to the left of the tag name to display the Edit Message Tag form for the selected Tag.
Revise the information and then click Update. Your changes to the tag are saved, and the Message Tag Administration form is displayed.
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