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Archive Manager 5.9.1 - Administration Guide

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Delete a login

Locate the login in the list of logins displayed in the Login Administration form. Logins can be located by doing any of the following:
Entering a value in the Login Name or Display Name field
Click Search.
Click Delete.
Click to the left of the login name to display the Delete Login confirmation message.
Click OK to confirm the deletion. The selected login is deleted, and the Login Administration form is displayed.

Security roles

About security roles

A security role defines a set of program activities and functions that can be made available to a particular category or class of Archive Manager users. A security role is assigned to every Archive Manager user, and that assignment determines what the user can and cannot do within Archive Manager. The definition of a security role is essentially a checklist of program activities, called security actions, showing which ones a user of that class is authorized to perform.

Archive Manager installs with four pre-defined security roles, for Administrator, Manager, Resource and User—simply because these are common role designations at many Archive Manager sites. But you are free to change (add or subtract) the authorized security actions for any of these default security roles, or add new security roles of your own design, or delete security roles for which your organization has no use, except for the Administrator security role.

The Security actions section at the end of this chapter provides a complete list of all security actions that may be assigned to a security role. The four default Archive Manager security roles, as installed, permit these security actions:

All except:

Add, edit or delete a security role

The following sections provide information on adding, editing, or deleting a Security Role.

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