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Archive Manager 5.9.1 - Administration Guide

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Unlocking a Legal Hold

The Unlock icon is visible only to the user(s) who invoked the Legal Hold.

Click the Unlock icon in the Legal Hold box.

Deleting a Legal Hold

The Delete icon is visible only to the user(s) who invoked the Legal Hold. When a Legal Hold is deleted, the Retention service will start executing the policy set in accordance with the schedule. The policy set will be processed starting from the first item in the list (not where the execution was terminated).

Click the Delete icon in the Legal Hold box.

Schedule tab

The Schedule tab lets you select the days and times that the Retention service runs, continues an active run, or does not run. Days of the week are displayed on the left side of the grid. Times are displayed along the bottom of the grid.

Scheduled: The Retention service should start a new retention run if none is currently active, or continue an active run.
To schedule days and times for the Retention service to start a new retention run, click Scheduled and then click in the grid to select days and times.
Continue: The Retention service may continue an active retention run, but may not start a new run.
To select days and times to continue an active retention run, click Continue and then click in the grid to select days and times.
None: The Retention service does not run on that day/time.
To deselect items from the grid, select None and then click on the items in the grid.

Settings tab

The Operation Mode box allows you to change the mode of Retention service activity. Safe Mode is used for testing retention policies before they are applied to the actual archive.

Production Mode executes the retention policies against the live production system.

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