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Archive Manager 5.9.1 - Administration Guide

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Retention policies

Retention policy overview

The Retention Policies screen in the Archive Manager Website allows you to implement your retention policies. To add or edit retention policies, the Edit Retention Policies permission is required.

NOTE: Retention policy search criteria must follow the search syntax rules detailed in the Searching Email chapter of the Archive Manager User Guide.

A retention policy is made up of the following policy items, including:

These policy items are listed in a hierarchical order that indicates the order of execution (top-to-bottom). The order of execution allows you to specify which policies take precedence.

Sometimes several Policy items might reference some of the same messages. For example, you may have one policy that refers to all messages in mailbox "Bob Smith" and another Policy that refers to all messages in Mailstore "Store One", where the "Bob Smith" mailbox resides.

The Retention service only executes a single policy item for each message, which is the first Policy it encounters, Policy 1 displayed at the top of the list. If the same message appears in another Policy item being executed further down the list, it is ignored.

The Retention Policies screen allows you to set up this execution order by dragging your Policy items around. Hold your cursor over the left corner of the Policy item "Grip" and drag and drop to move the Policy.

Retention policy tabs

The Retention Policies screen contains tabs used to set retention policies, including the following:

Policy Editor: Select to Add Keep Policy or Add Delete Policy.
Execution Log: View the activity of the Retention service.
Change Log: Displays an audit history of changes made to the retention policies.
Legal Hold: Lets you temporarily suspend all retention policies to prevent the destruction of any email message.
Schedule: Lets you select the days and times that the Retention service will run.
Settings: Lets you select the Operation Mode for retention policies; either Safe mode or Production mode.

The number and order of the tabs displayed vary depending on your permissions.

Policy Editor tab

The Policy Editor tab lets you add Keep and Delete policies.

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