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Rapid Recovery License Portal 6.1 - User Guide

Getting started with the Rapid Recovery License Portal Managing licenses in the Rapid Recovery License Portal
Downloading software from the License Portal Using the dashboard Performing global searches in the License Portal Configuring personal settings Configuring email notification settings Managing users Managing groups Managing licenses Managing registered agent machines Managing cores Working with License Portal reports

Approving a user

As an administrator or group owner, you can easily approve a pending user for an existing group in the License Portal when users request account access via a subdomain.


Click OK to approve the user.

Managing groups

Within the License Portal, you can easily view and manage groups and subgroups. As an administrator, you can add subgroups and view all subgroups for the current group as well as edit and delete groups.

Refer to the following topics for more information about managing groups.

Understanding groups

Two types of groups are available in the License Portal and are based on software and appliances.Groups contain at least one user with access rights assigned to it. When an initial user account is created for your organization in the License Portal, it is created as a default user with administrative rights. When this registered user logs in, the License Portal represents the account as a root group, meaning it can have subgroups but has no parent group.

Groups can represent partners, companies, and subgroups within companies. They include organization information, can have an unlimited number of cores, and can include other groups, with no limit to depth. They also contain license pools and license pool amounts. The number zero (0) represents an unlimited license pool. For a subgroup, the number zero (0) signifies that licenses are drawn from the parent license pool. For more information about license pools and license allocation in groups, see the topic Understanding license pools.

The Rapid Recovery DL appliances have one global group for all appliances, and each appliance has a unique license key that comes with a set of license restrictions (capacity, number of agents, and so on). Customers with both software and appliance (or software capacity) licenses typically have two groups in the License Portal: a software group with one license key for all software cores, and an appliance, or software capacity, group that has as many keys as purchased appliances, each unique to an appliance.

Viewing and searching for groups

Complete the following steps to search for and view the groups in your License Portal account.

Status - The status of the group as either Active or Blocked.
Name - The name of the group.
License - The type of license associated with this group.
Used License Pool - Pools used by this group. This refers to the number of physical licensed agents in this group.
Cores - Number of AppAssure 5 or Rapid Recovery Cores in this group.
To start a new search, click the link, Clear Filters. in the Actions column.
NOTE: You can export the list of users as needed. To export, on the Export drop-down menu, click Export to XLS or Export to PDF as appropriate. Microsoft Excel 2010 and higher are supported export formats.
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