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Rapid Recovery License Portal 6.1 - User Guide

Getting started with the Rapid Recovery License Portal Managing licenses in the Rapid Recovery License Portal
Downloading software from the License Portal Using the dashboard Performing global searches in the License Portal Configuring personal settings Configuring email notification settings Managing users Managing groups Managing licenses Managing registered agent machines Managing cores Working with License Portal reports

Viewing and working with group details

In the License Portal you can view a variety of detailed information about a group, such as identifying information and modification history.

Adding a group or subgroup

Complete the following steps to add a group or to add a subgroup to an existing group.

If you own and are managing appliances in the License Portal, you have the ability to add software groups for your Cores. When you are creating groups and you have both software and appliance licenses, you need to enure that you have selected Software Capacity (for appliances) or Software as appropriate for viewing the proper license(s) in the proper group(s).

License keys for appliances and software are different and are not interchangeable; therefore, if you want to use Core software (for replicating appliance agent snapshots to a core, for example), you need to create a new software group for that Core. (You will need the license key to download and activate the Core.)

If you have both software and appliance licenses, at the top of the License Portal, click Software or Software Capacity on the drop-down as needed to select the type of group you are creating. (To add a sub-group, navigate to the group to which you want to add a sub-group.)
Click Add Group.
Click Add.

Deleting a group

You can easily delete a group on the Groups page of the License Portal. When you delete a group, all users, agents, cores and subgroups of the group are also deleted.

Complete the steps in the following procedure to delete a group.

Editing group information

In the License Portal, you can modify a variety of group settings. Complete the steps in the following procedure to modify identifying information for a group.

Refer to the following topics for more information about modifying other group settings.

Group Name

Enter a name for the group. The group name is used to identify the group.


Displays the email address of the user who owns this group. This user represents the administrator for the group, who controls user registration and access. This user receives email notifications when users register for an account on a subdomain.


For a root group, if you have proper access, you can enter the subdomain for portal access. The subdomain represents the first part of the URL that directs users to the License Portal.

Reference ID

You can enter a reference ID to help you identify this group.


Enter a description for the group.

You can select the Show in Reports checkbox to ensure the group appears in group-related reports.
Click Save.
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