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Rapid Recovery License Portal 6.1 - User Guide

Getting started with the Rapid Recovery License Portal Managing licenses in the Rapid Recovery License Portal
Downloading software from the License Portal Using the dashboard Performing global searches in the License Portal Configuring personal settings Configuring email notification settings Managing users Managing groups Managing licenses Managing registered agent machines Managing cores Working with License Portal reports

Supported web browsers

The following Web browsers are supported for using the Rapid Recovery License Portal.

Navigating the License Portal

You can use the navigation links on the left side of the License Portal pages to navigate to specific areas of functionality for a currently selected group as described in the following table.


Presents a visual summary of status information (using charts and tables) about protected machines and licenses in your environment.


Allows you to manage licenses if you have proper permissions.


Allows you to view and manage groups and subgroups. You can add subgroups and view all subgroups for the current group as well as edit and delete groups depending on your permissions.


Allows you to view and manage the Cores in your environment.


Allows you to view and manage the Agents in your environment.


Allows you to view, invite, and manage users in your environment depending on your permissions.


Provides links for you to download the Rapid Recovery software.


Provides the ability to generate reports about License Portal activity and export them to a variety of formats.


Provides the ability to modify group information, including billing information, branding, and advanced license settings such as service polling and grace period.

At the top right area of the License Portal pages, you can access the links described in the following table.

User Name

Displays the email address of the user who is logged on to the License Portal. This link provides access to Personal Settings for you to modify account profile information about the user, including logon credentials. This section also provides a link to log you out of the License Portal session.


Provides access to Rapid Recovery License Portal documentation, a Contact Us page, and an About page.

By default, the Contact Us page displays a dialog box that includes contact information for Quest. If your License Portal has been customized, this dialog box might display your organization's contact information.

Getting started with the Rapid Recovery License Portal

The purpose of the Rapid Recovery License Portal is to allow you to manage the software licenses that are deployed by you and your customers as well as track any appliance licenses that you have installed. For example, your customers are represented as groups in the License Portal, and each group has its own set of users and properties. As your groups or customers deploy Rapid Recovery software, you can track the activity for monitoring and billing purposes.

Refer to the following topics for information on quickly getting started with the Rapid Recovery License Portal:

Understanding license numbers and license keys

A software license key is required to download the Rapid Recovery Core and Rapid Recovery Agent software and to configure and protect machines. Refer to the following topics for information about the general process of getting your license key and downloading software.

When you purchase software or appliances, you will receive a license number via email for your sales order. This license number is associated with any of your software license keys for the Rapid Recovery Core and Agent software.

If you do not receive this email at the email address that you are expecting, please check with your internal purchase ordering contact or contact your Quest sales representative for further help in verifying the sales order end user email information or any other additional help in acquiring your license key. Software customers who do not have a license number or who are having difficulties activating their licenses should contact Quest to enable the license at: If possible, please have your order number and end user email information that was provided on the sales order available prior to contacting Quest for licensing assistance to ensure faster service.

To download Rapid Recovery software, you can visit the Rapid Recovery License Portal at the website URL that was provided to you (for example in the email you received upon purchase), and register for a License Portal account. Upon successful registration, you can log on to the License Portal to activate and download software.

When you download software from the License Portal, a software license key is generated and included in the downloaded installer. A different license key is generated when the type of license changes (for example, if you are upgrading from a trial to perpetual license). Upon purchase of software, you may also receive your software license key as a file attachment in an email from Quest, which will be sent to the end user email address associated with your contract. You can view license keys within the License Portal.

If you have purchased an appliance, your appliance is configured with a 30–day temporary software license key. To obtain a permanent software license key, you must log on to the License Portal at the website URL provided to you. You need to enter your license number to obtain a permanent software license key, and then go to your Core UI to enter the license key in the software.

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