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Rapid Recovery License Portal 6.1 - User Guide

Getting started with the Rapid Recovery License Portal Managing licenses in the Rapid Recovery License Portal
Downloading software from the License Portal Using the dashboard Performing global searches in the License Portal Configuring personal settings Configuring email notification settings Managing users Managing groups Managing licenses Managing registered agent machines Managing cores Working with License Portal reports

Configuring personal settings

You can customize personal settings for your License Portal account, such as your email address, name, and more. Complete the following steps to configure personal settings.

To change your email address, click Change next to User ID, and then, in the Change Login Email Addresses dialog box, enter a new email address. (For security, you also need to enter your current password.)
Click Save.

Configuring email notification settings

You can modify email notification settings for a user account, such as specifying when to be notified by email when a particular event occurs.

Complete the following steps to configure email notification settings.

Click the Email Notifications tab.
Click Save.

Managing users

Within the License Portal, you can easily view and manage users. As an administrator, you can perform the following actions for a user: invite users to a group, set or modify access privileges, delete users, or assign users to groups. Refer to the following topics for more information about managing users.

Viewing and searching for users

Users are associated with groups and can be viewed from the User area of the License Portal. Admin users can invite new users to a group.

Status - The status of the user as either Active or Pending Approval.
Full Name - The first and last name of this user.
Email address - The email address associated with this user account.
Last logon date - The date this user last logged on.
Home group - The group to which this user belongs.
Roles - The type of role this user has.
To start a new search, click the link, Clear Filters, in the Actions column.
NOTE: You can export the list of users as needed. To export, on the Export drop-down menu, click Export to XLS or Export to PDF as appropriate. Microsoft Excel 2010 and higher are supported export formats.
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