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Rapid Recovery License Portal 6.1 - User Guide

Getting started with the Rapid Recovery License Portal Managing licenses in the Rapid Recovery License Portal
Downloading software from the License Portal Using the dashboard Performing global searches in the License Portal Configuring personal settings Configuring email notification settings Managing users Managing groups Managing licenses Managing registered agent machines Managing cores Working with License Portal reports

Changing the license type for a subgroup

Complete the following steps to change the license type for a subgroup. For more information about the available license types, see the topic, Understanding software license types.

For a Subscription license type, you can click Never Expires or click Expires On to select an expiration date.
Click Apply Changes.

Extending an appliance license

If you have proper permissions, you can extend an existing license for your appliance after your initial purchase, for example, add a license that you purchased to extend the capacity parameters of a current license.

Moving an appliance license

If you have multiple cores, you can move or assign a license for your appliance to a core in a different subgroup.

Click Move.
Click the Move button.
Click the Assign button.

Detaching an appliance license from a core

You can easily remove a current license for your appliance from being associated with a Rapid Recovery Core without deleting the license.This is useful, for example, if you want to keep a license from being currently allocated or make a license available to be assigned to another subgroup.

Click Detach.
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