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Toad Data Modeler 7.2 - User Guide

Introduction User Interface Models and Model Objects
Physical Data Model
Entity Relationship Diagram Objects Basic Database Design Advanced Database Design
Universal Data Model Logical Data Model Working with Model Objects
Features and Tools
Application Variables Export/Import DDL Script Generation Graphics Model Actions Print Create New Project Reports Reverse Engineering Scripting and Customization About Templates Tips and Tricks Toad for Oracle Integration Toad Intelligence Central (TIC) Integration Tools Version Control
Options and Configuration Databases
Amazon Redshift 1.0 IBM DB2 LUW 9.5 IBM DB2 LUW 9.7 IBM DB2 LUW 10.1 IBM DB2 LUW 10.5 IBM DB2 LUW 11.1 IBM DB2 z/OS 10 IBM DB2 z/OS 11 Greenplum 4.1 Greenplum 4.2 Ingres 9.3 Ingres 10.0 EDB Postgres Advanced Server 10 Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Microsoft Azure SQL Database V12 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Microsoft SQL Server 2019 MySQL 5.0 MySQL 5.1 MySQL 5.5 MySQL 5.6 MySQL 5.7 MySQL 8.0 Oracle 10g Oracle 11g Release 1 Oracle 11g Release 2 Oracle 12c Release 1 Oracle 12c Release 2 Oracle 18c Oracle 19c PostgreSQL 9.0 PostgreSQL 9.1 PostgreSQL 9.2 PostgreSQL 9.3 PostgreSQL 9.4 PostgreSQL 9.5 PostgreSQL 10 PostgreSQL 11 PostgreSQL 12 SQLite 3.7 Sybase ASE 15.5 Sybase ASE 15.7 SAP ASE 16.0 Sybase IQ 15.2 Sybase SQL Anywhere 11 SAP SQL Anywhere 17 Teradata 13 Vertica Database 8.0
Copyright Legal Notices


Option Description
Show Windows Automatically Displays a corresponding side tab. When you are writing a script, Code Explorer is displayed. When a script is being executed, Log is displayed.
Show Log Displays a log window that shows log messages and errors related to Scripting Window.
Show Code Explorer Displays a side tab that lists code segments.
Execute Script Executes a script in Scripting Window.
Stop Script Stops a running script.

Switch between:

  • JScript
  • VBScript
  • Internal Script
Load Script from File Load a script from a file.
Save Script Saves a script.
Save Script as Saves a script under a new name.

Alignment Toolbar

Option Description

Aligns selected objects:

  • Left
  • Horizontal Center
  • Right
  • Top
  • Vertical Center
  • Bottom
Match Size

Matches selected objects:

  • Width
  • Height
  • Both
Space Equally

Offsets selected objects by the same distance:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
Same Space Between Anchor Points

Offsets anchor points of selected objects by the same distance:

  • On Left Edge
  • On Right Edge
  • On Top Edge
  • On Bottom Edge
  • On All Edges
Line Style

Changes the selected lines shape:

  • Letter styles (A, U, C, D)
  • Straight line styles (horizontal, vertical)
  • Z line styles (horizontal, vertical)
  • L line styles (left, right, top, bottom)
  • Line style Optimal - Toad Data Modeler automatically tries to change the shape of the line to the best possible variant. This function does not change the number of lines break points.
Unhide Lines Changes shape of all lines hidden under object shapes, making them visible.
Align Self Relationships Resets Self Relationship lines to their default position.
Insert Break Point Click once to activate this function. Select a line and then click anywhere on the line to create a new break point. Finish the action by moving one of the parts of the line divided by the newly added break point.


Help Search

This tool allows you to search in multiple locations to find the information you need. Simply enter a query and click on the location you wish to search. These locations are:

Toad® Data Modeler Documentation

  • Help
  • Reference Guide

Toad World

  • Forums
  • Media
  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Content
  • Comments

Web search

Intelligence Central Toolbar

Option Description
Intelligence Central Shows/hides Intelligence Central window.
Download File from Intelligence Central Displays Pull Model File dialog, where you can download a model from Toad Intelligence Central server. The model will be then immediately opened.
Publish to Intelligence Central Displays a dialog where you can publish your current model to Toad Intelligence Central server. See Publishing Models/Reports for more information.
Notifications Displays Notifications log. Notifications are fetched from TIC server, their purpose is to notify users about changes to objects made by other users.
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