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Essentials for Office 365 2.14 - User Guide

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Connecting to Dropbox

If you wish to connect to a Dropbox account, then follow these steps:

1.Start by selecting the Dropbox option in the Connect To section under the Drives tab.
Connecting to Dropbox1

The connecting to Dropbox window displays.

2.Give your project a name.
Dropbox Project Name

3.Enter the username of your Dropbox Administrator.

4.Make sure Dropbox Business - Connection Requirements are met.

5.Use the information in the following table to determine the appropriate action to take.

If ...

Then ...

you have long-term Access Token obtained prior to Essentials version 2.10

a)Provide the token in the Access Token field.

b)Click Connect.

Connect to Dropbox Long Term Access Token

you do not have a long-term Access Token obtained prior to Essentials version 2.10

a)Provide the App Key and App Secret obtained from the app Settings page.

b)For Access Code, click the Get Code button to connect to the Dropbox OAuth authorization page.

c)Click Allow to provide the app with the applicable access permissions and generate an Access Code.

d)Copy the generated Access Code and paste it into the Access Code field.

Dropbox Access Code

e)Click Connect.

The Access Token field will be populated automatically and will be refreshed as needed during the course of a migration to prevent the token from expiring.

Connect to Dropbox Access Code

If you receive any message other than Successfully connected to Dropbox, double check your supplied information and try again.  If you are still experiencing issues, please contact Support for further assistance.


NOTE: If you attempt to connect or open a Dropbox drive through the software and it does not respond, please contact support for a updated version of the required framework.

Dropbox will now appear in the Navigator tab located on the left hand side.

Connecting to Dropbox3

Dropbox Business - Connection Requirements

To connect to Dropbox Business, you must:

I.Create an app to allow Essentials to connect to Dropbox.

II.Obtain the information needed to connect to Dropbox from Essentials.

III.Ensure your Dropbox account has the required permissions.

DropBox has deprecated long-term tokens for the Dropbox business account. When connecting to Dropbox from within Essentials, you will be required to obtain an Access Code.  This code will generate an  Access Token that will be automatically refreshed, as needed, when a migration is run.


NOTE: If you have an existing long-term Access Token that was generated for an earlier release of Essentials, you can continue to use it. However, whenever a new Access Token is created (via the Access Code), it will always be a short-term token.

To create a new app to allow Essentials to connect to Dropbox:

1.Login to using your Team Admin account.

2.Go to the My apps section and click Create App
copy dropbox to onedrive access 01

3.On the new app creation page, select the following options

§Choose an API:  Scoped Access
dropbox create app 1

§Choose the type of access you need:  Full Dropbox
dropbox create app 2

§Name your app:  enter any name
copy dropbox to onedrive access 06

Agree to Dropbox Terms and Conditions by selecting the box next to the prompt, and the Click Create App.
copy dropbox to onedrive access 07

4.When the app is created, it should open the App Settings page.  If it does not, return back to the My apps section and open this newly created app and click on the Settings tab.

To obtain the information needed to connect to Dropbox from Essentials:

Copy the Access Key and and Access Secret to a file for safe keeping. You will need to enter these when making a connection to Dropbox from Essentials.

copy dropbox to onedrive access 03


To ensure your Dropbox account has the required permissions:

Click the Permissions tab, and make sure your account has the following permissions:

·.read for all categories


·Team Data - team_data_member.

OneDrive Provisioning

OneDrive Provisioning allows you to create OneDrive accounts for your users. It works both with and without OAuth Authentication.

1.Start by selecting the OneDrive Provisioning option in the Connect To section under the Drives tab.
onedrive provisioning1

2.On the SharePoint Connection Wizard, select a SharePoint Portal to connect to. When prompted for login credentials, use a SharePoint or Global Administrator in order to be able to discover all users.
onedrive provisioning2

3.On the Select Users page, choose w/o OneDrives or w/OneDrives if you wish to only see users that fit one of those two categories. Select the users you would like to provision a personal OneDrive for and then click the Create OneDrive button.
onedrive provisioning3

4.After each operation click on the Update Cache button in order to get an updated list of users from the server.
onedrive provisioning5


NOTE: It may take time to create personal drives, this is dependent on each individual tenant.

Connecting to FileShare

In order to view a file share in the Connections panel within Essentials, you must map your PC to the file share:

1.Navigate to the file share in windows explorer and select the network location.
fileshare 1

2.Right Click and select Map Network Drive.
fileshare 2

3.Open Essentials, and note that the file share is now available in the Connections section.


NOTE: If you want to run Essentials as an admin, you will first need to add the Admin to the user group for the file share, otherwise you wont be able to see the file share in the Connections panel.

fileshare 3

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