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Essentials for Office 365 2.14 - User Guide

Product Activation Tool Overview
General Tool Configuration Profile Manager Proxy Mode Azure Turbo and CSOM Creating User Mapping Creating User and Template Reports Support and Troubleshooting Modes of Migration
Home Tab Migration Analysis Tab Migrator Tab
Interface Connect to Resources Copy Sites Live Compare Hyper Mode Classic Mode Copy Alerts Orphaned Users Copy In-Place Tagging of SharePoint Items Incremental/Delta Copy Forms Migration Workflow Migration Save Site to XML
File Manager Tab Drives Tab
Interface Overview Migration Job Structure Connecting to Resources Copy Google Drive Copy File Share Copy My Sites to OneDrive for Business Copy Tenant Copy Box Copy Dropbox Nintex Deployment
Post Migration Compare Security Manager Tab Term Store Manager Tab Administrator Tab Backup Tab
Interface Overview Backup Job Structure Advanced Search Retention Policies Storage for Backup Import/Export Backup Archives Connecting to SharePoint and OneDrive for Business Connecting to Cloud Storage Hyper vs Classic Backup Setup Hyper SharePoint Online Backup Hyper OneDrive Backup Hyper Office 365 Groups Backup Smart Backup Classic SharePoint Online Backup Classic OneDrive Backup Classic Office365 Groups Backup Classic Mailbox Backup Change Properties for Backup Admin Management Scheduling Backup Jobs Backup Project Conversion
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Hyper Backup Report

Users can create an Excel sheet report of the Hyper Backup tab. The report will be a replica of the Hyper Backup jobs seen in the User Interface, providing users with source and target, and the state of the migration.

In order to create a report, click the Excel icon in the Hyper Backup sub panel:
Hyper Backup Report 2


This will generate a report which looks like the following:

Hyper Backup Report 1

Progress Tab

The Progress tab, located in the Contents pane area, provides detailed information about each single current user's migration status. As one user's migration is finished, the progress bar will reach 100 %.


NOTE: For Azure Turbo Synchronized migration, the progress bar will wait until all of the Azure jobs are finished and synchronization of Azure logs is completed.  As one user's migration is finished, the next one will be started and the same process will continue.

To find information about accounts that have already been copied, go to the Hyper Migration/Backup tab, and click Refresh to get a list of all the current jobs. For more information about Hyper Migration and Hyper Backup, please see this section.

Drives Progress Bar 1

Status Report

The Show Status Report feature is an excel report is created based on post migration XML logs, it does not replace the original XML log, but rather allows users the ability to red post migration information outside of the Essentials tool itself, allowing you to share the information via emails and email notifications.

This show status report can be created and viewed by right clicking on a Hyper Migration job and selecting Show Status Report.
show status report


Selecting this "Show Status Report" option will open the location of the excel status report.
show status report 3

The report will look as follows:
show status report 2

The contents of the report are:

1.File Name JobSetNameFinishJobTimeStamp _Index.xlsx

2.Job Set State


4.Each object state

5.Source user name

Home Tab

The home tab provides users with a basic overview of their Essentials setup, as well as access to the log viewing. The immediate pane view is the (1) Navigator, (2) Hyper Migration/Contents/Progress Area

Home Tab 6

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