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erwin Evolve 2023.1.0 - Installation Guide

Multi user Environments

Multi-user Environments

If you have more than one repository, such as production and live, then please ensure all repositories are upgraded properly so you do not have issues transferring models between them.

If when upgrading you prefer to work in a test environment, please copy your existing database first and use this as the basis for upgrading.

Step 1 Prevent users from accessing the repository

Step 1 - Prevent users from accessing the repository

Upgrading in a multi-user environment could require a change to the database schema which means anyone accessing the repository using any erwin Evolve Suite application will experience problems.

It is therefore necessary to stop all users accessing the repository while the upgrade takes place.

Step 2 Back up your data

Step 2 - Back up your data

It is recommended that you back up your database before making any changes. You should use whatever backup procedure you are familiar with, or that is recommended by your database provider.

Step 3 Uninstall previous versions

Step 3 - Uninstall previous versions

If you are upgrading from CW Suite 2016 or earlier, use the Uninstall option in Programs and Features in the Windows Control Panel to uninstall all Casewise applications in the order highlighted above on all client machines.

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