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erwin Evolve 2023.1.0 - Installation Guide

Document Conventions

Within this document variable names are presented in square brackets.

For example, [Username1] represents the name entered by the user to represent the username they will use.

We recommend you note down these values so that they are easily accessible when they are needed for later tasks.


Sometimes these values may need to be shared with other users, for example, when setting up a connection between a Evolve Suite client and a Evolve database, so it is handy to list them down.



Installation Overview

This section explains the different ways that you can work with Evolve Suite,

Document Generator and V-Modeler, and how you set up an appropriate environment.

It is recommended that you read this section before trying to install any of the applications so that you can determine the best system configuration to suit your needs.

Please see the separate System Requirements document for details of the exact software, hardware and environmental requirements for installing and using Evolve Suite.

Evolve Suite

There are four setup configurations for using Evolve Suite. They are:

  1. Stand-alone

    Where you work independently on your local computer.

  2. Networked

    Where models are stored on a networked Evolve Repository which can be accessed by many Evolve Suite users.

  3. Terminal Server

    Where users do not have Evolve Suite installed on their local computers, but use a copy by connecting to a Terminal Server which does have it installed.

  4. Virtual Machine

    Where the software is installed on a virtual machine.


Stand-alone and Networked are not either/or configurations. A standalone user can at any time connect to a Networked database, assuming one exists, and can switch between the two modes.

Likewise, a Networked user can choose to work in stand-alone mode, but this does assume that the client software was installed with the standalone option.

Stand alone Installations

Stand-alone Installations

If you want to use Evolve Suite completely independently of any network, shared database or Terminal Server, then you need a Stand-alone setup.

This means that the software is installed on your local computer or laptop and you will be able to use all its features and store your model data all on the one computer.

To install Evolve Suite so that you can work in stand-alone mode, read the instructions in Install the Client Software and ensure that after installation you choose to create the stand-alone database.

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