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erwin Evolve 2023.1.0 - Installation Guide

Upgrading to Evolve Suite

If you want to upgrade from an earlier version of Evolve Suite, then you should read this chapter carefully before installing any software.


If you are in any doubt about how to proceed with upgrading your copy of Evolve Suite, or any standalone components such as

Document Generator or V-Modeler, please contact the Quest support.

In a multi-user environment, where more than one client machine accesses a networked Evolve Repository, you must upgrade all your clients. The user who upgrades the network databases must have administrator rights to the database as schema changes are required to upgrade to this version. Once a Evolve Repository has been used with a newer version of the client software, an older version of the client may not be able to correctly use the database.




Casewise Portal & Casewise Publisher are deprecated. There is no version of Portal or Publisher that runs with Evolve Suite 2023. New JSON/REST and XML based webservices are available since 2018.1, please ask Support.

If you are upgrading from Evolve Suite 2022.1 or earlier, and you use other Quest products, such as Evolve, Analytics (CMI), or Collector, then you will need to upgrade them at the same time as upgrading your Evolve Suite installation. Previous versions of these products will not work with this new version of Evolve Suite.

It is therefore necessary to take the time to plan your upgrade procedure to prevent users of one system trying to use it while another part is being upgraded. All components will need to be taken offline while they are all upgraded. Each of these components have their own installation guides which you should read before attempting to upgrade them.

Upgrade Paths

This guide only includes instructions on upgrading from the following versions:

l 2009.x l 2011.x l 2013 l 2015 / 2015 SR2

l 2016 / 2018 all versions

l 2020.0 / 2020.1

l 2022.0 / 2022.1

If you want to upgrade to Evolve Suite 2023.0 from an earlier version than those listed above, please contact Quest support for assistance.

Upgrade Procedure


If you are upgrading from Evolve Suite 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2020.0, 2020.1, 2022.0, 2022.1 please ensure that you run validate repository on all active databases before you uninstall these versions. This will ensure that the database is in a known state and confirm there are no issues with the current database. This is detailed in Appendix G of this installation guide.

Stand alone Users

Stand-alone Users

Step 1 - Back up your data

If you use a stand-alone database, we recommend that you backup your data as a precaution. See Appendix C - Backing up Stand-Alone Data

Step 2 - Uninstall previous versions


If you are upgrading from CW Suite 2016 / 2018 / 2020.0 / 2020.1 / 2022.0, 2022.1, please uninstall the complete CW Suite in its entirety (and CW Evolve, and Casewise Service – if present).

Then, install the Evolve Suite 2023.0


If you are upgrading from Evolve Suite 2015 SR2 (Build 88), please uninstall the complete Evolve Suite 2015 SR2 in its entirety (and CW Evolve – if present). Then, install the Evolve Suite 2023.0


If you are upgrading from Evolve Suite 2015, please uninstall both Corporate Publisher and Portal. Then uninstall the complete Evolve Suite 2015 SR2 in its entirety (and CW Evolve – if present). Finally, install the Evolve Suite 2023.0


If you are upgrading from Evolve Suite 2013 or earlier, you

must uninstall all previous Casewise applications. It is extremely important that you uninstall these applications in the correct order. Please make sure you uninstall in the order shown below:

  1. Evolve Portal or Corporate Modeler Intelligence

  2. Communicator 4 Word

  3. CMXML Export

  4. CW Suite

  5. Casewise Data Layer

  6. V-Modeler.


If you are upgrading from CW Suite 2016 or earlier, use the Uninstall option in Programs and Features in the Windows Control Panel to uninstall all Casewise applications in the order highlighted above.


Step 3 - Install the new software

Follow the installation instructions detailed in Install the Client Software

You must have DBA rights in order to successfully upgrade your database. If you were the original installer of Evolve Suite, you will already have these rights. If you are unsure, speak to your database administrator.


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