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erwin Evolve 2023.1.0 - Installation Guide

Step 4 Install the new software on all client machines

Step 4 - Install the new software on all client machines

Install the latest version on all client machines. Follow the installation instructions detailed in Install the Client Software

You must have DBA rights in order to successfully upgrade your database. If you were the original installer of Evolve Suite, you will already have these rights. If you are unsure, speak to your database administrator.



Appendix A Load Models Into the Evolve Repository

This section explains how to load the necessary Evolve Data and standard models into a newly-created networked database. This step must be performed for any new Evolve Repository running on SQL Server otherwise Evolve Suite will not function.

The tasks in this section should be performed on a client machine by a Evolve Suite user.

These instructions assume that the database exists, and that the CW client being used has been configured to connect to the database.

To load the Evolve Data and standard models:

  1. On the Evolve Suite client machine, in Windows Explorer, browse to the file:


    The file can be found in the erwin Bin directory, (usually C:\Program

    Files\erwin\CM10\Bin\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\erwin\CM10\Bin\)

  2. Run the program

    The wizard starts.

  3. Follow the wizard prompts, making sure to select the following options:

    • The target database is your new Evolve Database.

    • In response to the question asking if you are upgrading, reply No

  1. When the wizard completes, click Finish.

    The Evolve Data and models are now loaded into your database and you can log on and use Evolve Suite.

Appendix B Repair, Modify Or Uninstall Evolve Suite

If you need to repair a Evolve Suite installation, or need to install optional components such as Multi-Language Manager, the Document Generator or the Requisite Pro Link, then you can do so by using the Programs and Features application in the Windows Control Panel.

To repair or modify the installation, select Evolve Suite and choose Repair or Change, then choose Modify or Repair from the installer.

To uninstall Evolve Suite from the machine, select Evolve Suite and choose Uninstall

Appendix C Backing Up Standalone Data

This section is only relevant if you are upgrading a stand-alone version of Evolve Suite.

The user running the SQL Server service must have write access to the chosen backup folder.

To check the properties of the service, select Start > Control Panel > Administration Tools > Services, highlight SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) and go to Action > Properties (or right click and select Properties). The Log On tab shows which user the service logs on as – usually Local System.

To backup your stand-alone data:

  1. Open a command prompt

  2. In the command prompt window enter the following code exactly as it is shown below, and press Return:


  3. Enter the following code and press Return after each line:

    Backup database CorporateModeler11 TO DISK = ‘<location>\<filename>.bak’ 2> Go

<location> is the location where you want to save your backup file, and

<filename> is the name of the file. For example, <location> could be “C:\temp” while

<filename> could be “MyDatabase”, resulting in the following

<location>\<filename>.bak: “C:\temp\MyDatabase.bak”

When the backup has finished the message: “BACKUP DATABASE successfully processed” is displayed.

  1. Type Exit at the prompt

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