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erwin Evolve 2023.1.0 - Installation Guide

Notes on Installing Document Generator

When you first run Word after installing Document Generator, you are prompted to install the Evolve Suite add-in. Once this is installed, you are ready to use Document Generator.

Notes on Installing V Modeler

Notes on Installing V-Modeler

When you first run Visio after installing the Quest software, the V-Modeler add-in prompts you to install some additional files. You must shut down Visio and restart it to complete this installation and be able to use V-Modeler.

When you try to use V-Modeler you are prompted to connect to the Evolve Repository. In order to do this you must enter the necessary connection details. We therefore recommend you acquire these details from your Evolve Suite administrator before trying to run the software.

Installation Appears to Have

Installation Appears to Have Failed

If you are installing Evolve Suite on a system that has a later version of Microsoft Visual C Components you may receive the following error:

This error will not cause a problem for the application when running and can safely be ignored.

Create a Connection To The Evolve Repository

This section is only relevant to users who want to connect to an existing networked Evolve Repository. If you are only using Evolve Suite with the stand-alone database, please go straight to What Next?

To connect to the repository, you will need the connection details which the database administrator who created your repository should be able to provide.

To connect to your Evolve Repository:

  1. Start any program in Evolve Suite

    The Evolve Suite Logon dialog opens

  2. Click Edit

    • The Database Connection dialog opens

  1. Click Add and select one of the following:

    • SQL Server

    The Configure Database dialog opens


If For this user is selected, the connection is only available for the specific Windows user who created it.

If For this computer is selected, the connection is available to anyone who uses the computer. We recommend using this option if you are creating the connection on Citrix/Terminal Server, or for Evolve use on the Evolve web server.

To see the For this computer option, you must run the application as administrator (right-click and Run as administrator) which can only be done from Windows Explorer, or the Program search results.

  1. Complete all fields in the Configure Database dialog as appropriate

    All the required details should be passed to you by the individual who set up and configured your Evolve Repository.



Connect name *

This is the name that you assign to this connection. It will be shown in the database drop-down list on the Evolve Suite Logon dialog.

Server name *

This is the IP Address, Physical Computer Name or DNS of the database server machine.

Instance name

SQL Server

Not required by default. However, may be necessary depending on the particular configuration of your SQL Server. See your database administrator for details.

Port number

A number referring to the hardware device that contains the database to be connected to. Not required by default, however may be necessary depending on the particular configuration of your database.

See your database administrator for the details.

Database name *

SQL Server only

The name of the Evolve Database itself, created by the database administrator.


If your Evolve Repository is running on SQL Server, you only need to enter a user name/password if it has been configured to use SQL Authentication.

See your database administrator for the details.


The correct password for the user name (above).

See your database administrator for the details.

Confirm password

Same as above.


  1. Click OK.

    The database connection is created. If the connection test fails, please review the details you have entered and confirm them with your database administrator.


Now you have installed Evolve Suite and created a connection to a shared Evolve Database, if you are using one, you can proceed to use the software as required - see how to log on using the instructions below.

If this is a completely new installation of Evolve Suite with a new shared database, then a nominated user must complete the database creation by loading the Evolve Data and

sample models. To do this see Appendix A - Load Models into the Evolve Repository for instructions.

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