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erwin Evolve 2023.1.0 - Installation Guide

Before You Begin

It is a prerequisite of this guide that you have already installed Microsoft SQL Server and that it meets the Evolve Suite System Requirements. The database should be on a different computer to the one which you will install the Evolve Suite client software on.

Get The SQL Script Files

We have provided a set of SQL scripts which should be used when configuring the database, so please ensure you have these ready when preparing to set up the database. The script files are available from Quest website. The website files are zipped in files titled:

l erwin EvolveSuite_MSSQLScriptFiles_****_*_*_*.zip

Instructions for SQL Server

The following table shows high-level steps for setting up the Evolve Repository on Microsoft SQL Server and should only be performed by a SQL Server administrator.


Create a new SQL Instance

Note the name as: [database_name]

Make sure the collation is: Latin1_General_CI_AS


Run SQL Script Files

Run each of the supplied SQL Script files against your database, in the following order:

  1. CreateMSSQLSchema.sql

  2. CreateMSSQLCopyModelProcedure.sql

  3. CreateMSSQLDeleteModelProcedure.sql

  4. GetNextId.sql

  5. CreateCasewiseRWRole.sql

  6. GrantAccessToSchemaForCasewiseRWRole.sql


Create a new login

Create a new login specifically for Evolve Suite use. We recommend using Windows Authentication, however you can also use SQL Authentication if you wish.

Note the login name as [login_name]

For Windows Authentication

Make sure the User Group you assign to the login includes all users who need to access Evolve Suite.

For SQL Authentication

Note the password as [login_password]


Create a new user

Create a new Database User for the Evolve Database [database_name] and link the user to the login [login_name] you just created. Set Owned Schemas and Membership (Role Members) to CasewiseRW

Details Required for Connecting to the Database

Once you have set up the database, you should pass on the following details to a Evolve Suite user so they can create the connection to the repository:

  • The name or IP address of the database server

  • The instance name, if you created a new instance

  • Port number if required

  • Database name, noted as [database_name]

  • Login name noted as [login_name] if using SQL Authentication

  • Login password noted as [login_password] if using SQL Authentication.


Once the database is created a Evolve Suite user must load the necessary Evolve Data into the repository in order to complete the database configuration. See Appendix A – Load Models into the Evolve Repository

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