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erwin Evolve 2023.1.0 - Installation Guide

Restoring Data

This section is only relevant to stand-alone versions and obviously requires that you have previously backed up the data.

To Restore Data in a Stand-alone Database:

  1. Open a command prompt

  2. In the command prompt window enter the following code exactly as it is shown below, and press Return:


  3. If the Evolve Database already exists in MSDE/SQL Server Express, enter the following code:

    1> Restore database CorporateModeler11 from disk =

    ‘<location>\<filename>.bak’ with replace 2> Go

    If the Evolve Database does not exist, enter the following code to create the database and restore your data

    Create database CorporateModeler11;

    2> Go

    3> Restore database CorporateModeler11 from disk =

    ‘<location>\<filename>.bak’ with replace 4> Go

<location> is the location where you saved your backup file, and <filename> is the name of the file.

Appendix D Using Terminal Server

A Terminal Server installation involves one copy of the Evolve Suite client software being installed on a machine with Microsoft Terminal Services enabled, which is accessed by many users.

Quest supports installations that match the environment described in this chapter, however you can adapt this setup and use it with other remote access technologies, such as Citrix, as long as they are 100% compatible with Microsoft Terminal Services.

System Requirements

Please refer to the system requirements documents available on the Quest website for further details.


The majority of the tasks in this chapter should be performed by a System Administrator, however there are some tasks for a nominated Evolve user.

Before You Begin

This guide assumes you have already set up your Terminal Server and installed all pre-requisite software.

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