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erwin Evolve 2023.1.0 - Installation Guide

Log on to use Evolve Suite

To log on to use Evolve Suite, search for and run any of the Evolve Suite applications, or use the program launcher by clicking the Evolve Suite icon on your desktop or going to:

Start > All Programs > erwin Evolve Suite > Start Here.

When you start one of the Evolve Suite programs, you are prompted to select a database and log on to it.

Stand alone Users

Stand-alone Users

If you are using the stand-alone database, you should log on with the Username 'ADMIN' and leave the password blank. You can add a password after you have logged on if you want to make your models more secure.

Networked Database Users

If you are a user in a multi-user environment, connected to a shared Evolve Repository, see your Evolve Administrator for your logon details.

If you are the first user to log on in a multi-user environment, and you will be the model administrator, you should log on with the Username ADMIN and leave the password field blank.

It is the Evolve Administrator’s responsibility to set up the other Evolve Suite Users, including assigning Usernames and Passwords, or configure the system to use Windows Authentication. See the help supplied with Evolve Suite for information on how to do this.

We recommend that you make the Administration account more secure by adding a password of your choice.

The Administrator should inform the other Evolve Suite Users of their logon details so they can successfully log on to Evolve Suite once they have installed the client software.

Create a Networked Database

This section provides instructions for users who wish to set up a new Evolve Repository on SQL Server.


The details in this section are intended to be used by an experienced database administrator - you should not attempt to perform these tasks if you are not an experienced SQL user.

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