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Collaboration Services 3.9.1 - User Guide

Getting started with Collaboration Services Organizing objects for synchronization Resolving synchronization conflicts Managing the synchronization process Transport management Fine-tuning and maintenance Backup, restore, and troubleshooting

Statistics update frequency

Use the UI Settings page to configure whether and how often Collaboration Services should automatically refresh the synchronization statistics. It is not recommended to set the refresh period to a low value, because the refresh may take significant time on slow connections or if the Collaboration Service server is too busy processing synchronization data.

Backup, restore, and troubleshooting

Collaboration Services automatic backup

By default, to protect the configuration database from power and hardware failures, Quest Collaboration Services is configured to perform an automatic configuration backup and restore by default. All critical information is saved in the database file containing all existing collections, statistics, and the service configuration information.

If a problem is encountered by Collaboration Services, then the service will automatically detect whether any configuration data is corrupted and perform an automatic restore.

Backups can be performed as quickly as every 3 hours and as long as every 180 days. While there are no specific recommendations on how often to perform a backup, there are a number of factors to consider such as how often are Active Directory and Exchange changes made and what is the impact on operations in the event of power or hardware failure. Also, remember that backups performed at a quicker rate will impact the overall performance of Collaboration Services.

Use the Backup & Restore page of the Collaboration Service Properties dialog box to adjust the backup and restore options.

In particular, you can specify:

If you have applied significant changes to the Collaboration Services configuration, you may want to perform an immediate configuration backup. To do this, click the Backup Now button.

The restore options allow you to:

The default settings include:

It is also recommended that this period be longer than the recommended file system backup described under Regular file backup . This will ensure you are covered by the automatic Collaboration Services backup and restore and a regular file system backup to tape of disk.

Regular file backup

In addition to automatic backup of configuration data on each server running Collaboration Services, it is also recommended to back up the contents of the installation folder %Program Files%\Quest Software\Collaboration Services folder, Keys from HQ or Branches and the entire registry key:

– OR – 
Click File | Export.

Before backing up the Collaboration Services installation folder:

Performing a weekly (or longer) backup of the Collaboration Services folder and registry keys to tape or disk will allow you to cover any issues that the automatic Collaboration Services backup may not include based on the selections you have made.

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